wPT (world Priston Tale)

worldPT server is a totally free but with a mall's item for anyone wishing to help the server, and can help choose item's in return. worldPT has as its main objective to improve the lag's, and drop's boss, thus providing an environment full of news and very comfortable to play! Check out some of the features of the server:

* Without DC4
* High Lv 150
* EXP 150x
* Gold and Drop Custom
* GM's Qualified and Trusted
* Events constant done by our GM's
* Clan system 100%
* SOD 100% and 24 hours OnLine
* Font fix 100% [No need to give space to talk]
* Items 80E, 105th, 105b, 110 [Brief news items]
* Xtrap added!
* System Anti Hacker
Ranking 100% * [Updated 1 every week]
Bless Castle 100% * [Timetable not yet defined]
* Scheduled events
* Your Customized
* Age Facilitated
* Game Mature with "i"
* Event EXP
Dun-1-10x =
Dun-2-11x =
Dun-12x-3 =
* Maps Pre-Aor
* Jeras and Nied's now in NPC
* Clothes football sold in NPC
* Starts lv90 with all the quests made less from the 100

worldPT - Não adianta procurar, você ja está no melhor!
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download cliente full 1.7



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