Wallpaper Suit The Mood


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As a person who also carries both a sadness, a sadness that only you understand. Sad lonely at times, I just want to find a place that's quiet, alone to rethink what had passed. And at such a Hd sad wallpaper perhaps the description that best suits the mood.

Everyone is afraid of sad and wish everyone happy. They just wish each other happiness and joy that no one wish each of sadness and suffering. There really looking forward to another one cheerful and happy or because they do not want to suffer ourselves to wish each other a happy new to forget the sorrow of his own? Why do people fear sadness, evade suffering and wish happiness? What is so sad?

Nausea is a state that occurs when we are not getting what you want. No matter what you want, love, career, money, fame ... if you want to achieve them without causing a feeling of sadness that we call.

Nausea is a feeling or a value? Can say is both a feeling sad, sad at the same time is also a value. Is the feeling when we're sad, and sadness is valuable when it passes.

I'm sad. world in my eyes just black bleak and fragile, we do not see the flowers bloom, butterflies can not see, no brilliant sunrise, not feeling the love, not quiver smile ... say in short, while the sad feeling empty, lonely, scared, helpless, alone and hundreds of thousands of other negative feelings that one sad surely know.

Generally, the value of sadness created the wounds, whether large or small wounds, fragile or strong, scrapes or mild pain, at the time, the wounds go away, but also leave scars scar-fading. Which can scar left on our bodies, but also in our mind, depending on certain sadness. What has happened is never lost it, should not run away from or fear it. The problem is converting it to the bloom scars.

Sadness can make you lack an objective view about yourself and the world around you. But fortunately, nobody should lifelong perspective, your perspective ... while fun will help perspective, your point completed while sad. Your life is perfect when you feel all the joys and sorrows of life.

Hopefully with the sad background will somehow alleviate the sadness of someone. And help them realize the true value of this life, visit the hd wallpapers for desktop for more Hd 3D wallpaper else, will surely bring you the exciting experience

Please thank sadness as I thank joy, sadness strikes received as joyfully celebrate the joy to visit. Playing with such sadness to play with joy, sadness and joy is gone but the rest of the game perfectly and satisfactorily, there is no subjectivity and objectivity that only the game going ...