[Release]PT Protector - Public Beta


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[Release]PT Protector v1.1b

Decided to post pt protector here too, just incase anybody needs it :) The following is just a copy from my post at a few other places so the beta has actually been out for a few days now. Here we go--

Hey Guys. I'm finally going to release PT Protector v1.0. It's been beta tested already by two people and their suggestions have gone into this version.

This program is now an Open Beta. As far as I'm aware, all errors are non-existant. However, since it is Open Beta, I'm looking for as much feedback as possible, as well as any bugs that might exist for you guys. Here's a copy of the read me, as well as a *few* screenshots--

PT Protector - v1.0
Author: DarkKnightH20 / DarkKnight
Website: www.DarkKnightH20.com

This program was created by DarkKnightH20 (aka DarkKnight) to help enforce anti-hacking on private PristonTale servers.

So...What does this program do exactly? Well, it reads the server errors logs for errors commonly associated with hacking. Currently, this program exercises the energy bar error, as well as the defense/attack error. However, it also keeps in mine that other errors could popup more frequently in the future due to new methods/forms of hacking. Users can add these errors to what I labeled the "Error Library".

To use PT Protector, you must first configure it via the configuration toolbar button. You must set an interval that provides the bases of when PT Protector will check the error logs. It can be every 10-60 seconds. After it reads a log, it copies all the data over to a new file within the log folder (this allows the application to scan for hacking-induced errors more quickly). After providing the interval, you must also specify your SQL login information. This allows the program to connect to your SQL database so that it can ban the user that's hacking.

Also, this program conveniently has an "Exceptions" list as well. It will NOT ban any Username/IP in the exceptions list.

*TO ENABLE PROGRAM GOTO Configuration and check "Enable Program"

*ALSO, if an error is disabled in the error library, it's because you must either edit it or it's not a 100% hacking possibility.

Thanks To--

BurningFinger -- for the entire idea of making this program.
QuantumFusion -- for all his hardwork in the PT scene.
Sandurr -- for all his hardwork in the PT scene as well. Has a great server.
Shaqpub -- for his many contributions.
Sonnb -- for all the program releases.
Thiel -- for posting an example log.
Shaqpub -- for his many contributions.
Sonnb -- for all the program releases.
Ryder -- helped with his set of tools, ideas, and repacks.
Telatoro -- he's done a lottttt.

And a BIG Thanks To--

Luistorres! He provided most of the errors that are currently in the error library and did a lot of testing for me. This program would have been much more bare without his help. Check out EvoPT-- Evolution Priston Tale - EVOGAMES

Dark AvaThar! He participated in the beta testing of the program, as well as suggested the feature of allowing users to scan previous log files. He also suggeted that Exceptions Lists be created. Check out DPT-- dPristontale


DarkKnightH20 Dot Com ** my site
RaGEZONE ** private server forum
<^>---( ^_^ )--Snoxd ** gamehacking forum
:: FGNet.org :: Version 6.0 :: ** another gamehacking forum
Pristontale Server Development (Invision Plus) ** Quantum's Forum. Join the Xteam!

Comments/Suggestions/Etc -- would be nice and are very welcomed.

Download Here: http://www.darkknighth20.com/downloads/ptprotector/ptprotector.zip

Edit: The newest version is now v1.1b. In this version, the exceptions list(s) actually save, which didn't occur due to a bug in the previous version.


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If you guys can help me with suggestions and everything, I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

I can also try to make a Vietnamese version if you can translate for me :p


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I think the vietnamese version is unnecessary. English guide is the best


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Alrighty guys. Since I haven't gotten any error reports, it's safe to assume that I can now stop calling this an open beta.

On that note, I now have released version 1.1. Here's the Change Log--

App: PT Protector
Version: 1.1

## Changes from 1.0 to 1.1 ##

UnBan option available when right clicking Caught! List
The Copy function for "Error Log" and "Caught!" now works
Added another tab in configuration for Banning/UnBanning -- (Un)Ban
I read all suggestions and boom, now you can unban using the program. Check out the new (Un)Ban tab, giving users the ability to ban and unban users on the fly. Also, if a user is banned by PT Protector, all you have to do now is right click their name in the Caught! section, and hit "unban". Woot, woot? Yeah, a small update.

The download is available using the link from the first post (which is this one)--



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The newest version is now v1.1b. In this version, the exceptions list(s) actually save, which didn't occur due to a bug in the previous version. The download link is still the same as above.