Question about AccountDB and Setting Sod Tax


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Hi, I have one of 2 questions. One is with setting sod tax. I looked at the post and it said there that you can set with the ClanSodManager. How can you do that? I am using sql.dll and sod and bc and such is working, but sod tax is not.

Well my other question is the main one. I am trying to restore my AccountDB database since I had to reformat my computer. However, when I use the restored AccountDB, sql.dll does not allow me to connect and shows "Account is already Logged In." However, if I register a new account under in the restored AccountDB or make a new AccountDB using the sql script, I am able to connect. So, my question is that ít possible to fix this issue and restore and use the old AccountDB with already registered accounts, especially since I really do not want to spend lots of time manually re-registering each account T.T.

Thank you in advance ^^.