New Monster manager


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I started few weeks ago=)
Now is the monster manager almost ready!
it will have many updates until its an server manager=)

EXP can change with formula!!!
Just select some monsters in list and choose with right mouse button
change EXP
Now you can edit the EXP with an formula .
EXP=Exp of the selected monster
LVL=Level of the selected monster

Just Edit something like this.

EXP*2 = double exp

EXP*(2+lvl)=MonsterEXP * (2+Monsterlvl)
Easy change EXP for events !!
In options u can edit an MAX. exp value!
You will get warnings if some monsters get to high exp!

ON ERRORS please attach the file PriTaTor_Errors.log.

View attachment PriTaTor_1.2.505.rar


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First screenshot
1.) List of all monsters that this programm found. press right mousebutton to call the menue
2.) Stats of this monster. In Game Name: this informations it get from the .zhoon file
3.) This is the list of items at the selection in nr.5. It search the itemname in se zhoon file
4.) here are the real item names found in zhoon files
5.) here are all items that drop normaly.. extra drops and quets drops are not in there yet

Edit Rate-Drops: change the items.. just press enter and it will show the item in the list and add it to the list

6.) here is the list of maps where this selected monster spawns.


sec. screenshot
7.) list of the items!
up here is a selector with fileroptions.. just enter something like DA.. it will search all items
that itemcode starts with DA..
or enter something like DA1,DA2,DB
now the list shows all items that code starts with DA1,DA2 and DB
in options you can change the filer in edit config.. like Potions=PM,PL,PS

8) Stats of items! sorry no save function yet, comming soon
9) list of all monsters that drop this item! just press rightmouse button and choose remove..
it will remove the item out of the selected monster drop list!

Wait for more!!!
ill add some new things, just let me some time.

please, on error please attach the PriTaTor_Errors.log!
watch on the little statusbar on the bottem.
This is a important information about the Textcode!
please post the informations too!

btw. errorlog is in serverfoulder


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update: PriTaTor_1.3.002
Removed some bugs
used now Windows(1252) text encoding! i hope it works
be carefull atm in saveing monsters.. make an backup bevor!

Monster have Filter now
Name and Level
Type in top of the list

Name=Hopy or Name=Ho,Chos,Babel
you can edit your own filters in Edit config at options

btw. you need frameworks 2.0 to run this tool

Sorry! Bug, program hangs in task, this is update!
View attachment PriTaTor_1.3.003.rar
Press the button in options detault to get the new config file and
filters at monster



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Some ppl know what this skript means? its in the Map.SPM Files

//¸ó½ºÅÍ ÃâÇö ºñÀ²
//Â÷°¡¿î °è°î

*Ãִ뵿½ÃÃâÇö¼ö		200
//ÃâÇö°£°Ý ¹üÀ§ 9-1 1Â÷ÀÌ´ç 2¹è¾¿ »¡¶óÁü
*ÃâÇö°£°Ý		5	70
*ÃâÇö¼ö			2


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Coming soon!
Monsters and items have Backupfiles
In first time saving an monster it creats a file called Default_"monstername"
every next saving it create an file called "date&time of today"_Backup_"monstername"
easy to load an backup!