Few questions


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hi , i wanted to ask few quetions :p
1. How do you add new monsters ? custom mobs with own skins and files?
Do you need to hex in the cleint ỏ something ?
2. How do you add new npcs ? i tyed everything but nothing í working :p
3. Where and how can i add the pheonix bird ? ( if someone share)
4. Where can i gain or make own client with lvl 150 cap ?
5. Is there any 100% working server files with so less bugs as possible ?

Sorry because i asking so many questions :p
hope someone can help me XD tyy


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Heya there,

To add brand new monsters (with new skins and effects) without replacing, you'll need to do some hexing, which there is no guide out for. Just edit some of the existing ones. Here's some info on adding effects though--

Tutorial Telatoro adding effect in the monster

To add NPCs--

How to make a NPC. (Tutorial)

Not sure about pheonix bird since I haven't tried yet. You should have the files though. I'll let ya know when I figure it out. Gotta fix my connection problem first before I attempt that though.

Level 150 for the client requires moving the exp table. Or rather, cloning it. You keep the old exp table in its place so that you don't have to change as many pointers in the game.exe. I don't really remember, but there may be some clients like that at Made In Brazil (check PT Downloads section)--

Made In Brazil - Índice

Can't answer number 5 really. Can't vouch for any server files :) I haven't encountered a single one that was bug free. The issue primarily is that most clients people obtain are not made to work with the server file releases. This is partially because the item tables don't match. Inferno items will cause issues unless the clients are tweaked. Also, a lot of people make releases, then forget that they have monsters dropping things that they shouldn't be or have NPCs that don't work, etc.