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/expup "Number" ;Expup is used to gain exp ingame but causes error due to gaining exp to rapidly.
/field "1-31" ;Field command is used to teleport between maps at anytime. A list of all map numbers is below.
~/get_event_level ;Get Event Level command's purpose is not yet known.
~/get_guid ;Get Guid command returns clan information for the server.
~/dm_info ;DM Info command's purpose is not yet known.
~/get_money ;Get Money Command returns a message with total gold on server in players accounts.
~/show ;Makes admin character visable after using the Hide command.
~/hide ;Makes admin character invisable.
~/free_blackuser "Accname" ;Unblocks specifyed account from ban.
~/reset_blackuser ;Clears all blocked users in server.
~/show_blackuser ;Returns a list of all blocked accounts on server.
~/set_castle_tax "0-10" ;Set Blesscastle Tax.
~/reset_fountain_time ;Resets Mana fountain in bless castle.
~/get_fountain_info ;Returns message with information about amount of mana taken from the mana fountain.
~/get_castle_info ;Returns message with bless castle information.
~/set_castle_master "GuildName" ;Sets Blesscastle leaders.
~/set_castle_time "Number" ;Set duration of Bless Castle siege.
~/easy_castle ;Easy Castle command begins bless castle event but with no castle NPC's.
~/end_castle ;End Bless Castle siege.
~/start_castle ;Begin Bless Castle siege.
~/area_monster ;Area_monster command's purpose still unknown.
~/event_monster ;Begins a monster event on the chosen map.
~/mymonster "monster" ;Spawns a neutral monster.
~/monster "Monster" "number" ;Spawns number of monsters chosen.
~/arena_monster ;Arena monster command's purpose is unknown.
~/area_users ;Displays users connected to current area server.
~/player_sight "Number" ;Changes client - monster spawn seeing sight.
~/set_absorb "Number" ;Sets players absorb to the given number.
~/talk "Npc/Monster/player name" ;Makes chosen PC speak your message. ;
~/user ;Unknown.
~/where "Username" ;Possibly takes GM to chosen player.
~/call "Username" ;Teleports Chosen player to your location.
~/near ;Unknown Command.
~/username ;Unknown Command.
~/userid ;Unknown Command.
~/insert ;Unknown Command.
~/shutdown ;Begins 9 minute shutdown of server.
~/open_warehouse ;Displays your warehouse at your location.
~/kill "Username" ;Kills Chosen player.
~/kick "Username" ;Kicks Chosen Player.
~/netlog ;Unknown Command.
~/get_potion ;Displays amount of potions in server.
~/comic_player "Username" ;Gives chosen player BigHead mode.
~/@put "Item Name Or Code" ;Puts chosen item in your inventory.
~/@get "Item Name Or Code" ;Drops chosen item at your feet.
~/get_currency ;Unknown Command
~/get_forceorb ;Possibly displays amount of force orb's in server.
~/get_bosstime ;Displays time before next boss spawns.
~/localtime ;Displays clients local time.
~/sod_enter ;Teleports you into SoD arena.
~/sod_view ;Shows SoD Status.
~/time ;Unknown Command.
/LeeShotKeyReset ;Resets skill shortcuts.
/LeeForce ;Does'nt seem to do anything.
/LeeResetRankUp ;Resets your char back to Tier 1.
/LeeHelpMeStat ;Resets your stats.
/LeeHelpMeSkill ;Resets your skills.
/LeeWhereIs "Username" ;Maybe shows location of chosen user.
/LeeResetQuest ;Resets Quests.
/Lee3thRankUp ;Clears 3rd Rankup Quest.
/Lee4thRankUp ;Clears 4th Rankup Quest.
/PassRankUp ;Ranks Your Character up.

WA101 - WA120 : Stone Axe - Dragon Axe
WC101 - WC120 : Eagle Claw - Dragon Talon
WH101 - WH121 : Hammer - eXtreme Hammer
WM101 - WM121 : Wand - Astral Staff
WP101 - WP121 : Pole - Phoenix Spear
WS101 - WS122 : Short Bow - Dragon Bow
WS201 - WS223 : Dagger - Dragon Sword
WT101 - WT121 : Javelin - Legend Javelin Armor
DA102 - DA122 : BattleSuit - Dragon Armor
DA202 - DA222 : Robe - Angel Robe
DB101 - DB120 : Leather Boots - Dragon Boots
DG101 - DG120 : Leather Gauntlets - Dragon Gauntlets
DS101 - DS120 : Wood Shield - Dragon Shield
OA201 - OA220 : Leather Armlets - Dragon Bracelets
OM101 - OM121 : Pearl Beads - Clairvoyance
Shop Items
EC101 - EC105 : Ether Core - Union Core
FO101 - FO109 : Lucidy Force - Celesto Force
OS101 - OS112 : Lucidy - Inferna
PL101 - PL104 : Small Life Potion - Mystic Life Potion
PM101 - PM105 : Small Mana Potion - Mystic Mana Potion
PS101 - PS105 : Small Stamina Potion - Mystic Stamina Potion Other
GF101 - GF104 : Quest Items?
GP101 - GP113 : Hopy Crystal - Web Crystal (GP109 :Mystic Crystal)
MA101 - MA103 : Mystic Bottle, Honey, Mystic Oil (Rank Up Quest)
OA101 - OA124 : Round Amulet - Mystic Amulet +3
OR101 - OR124 : Round Ring - Mystic Ring +3
PS201 - PS202 : Small Songpyun - Large Songpyun
QW101 - QW105 : Metal Wing - Chaos Wing
SD201 - SD206 : Quake Seal - Guardian Saint Seal
SE101 - SE103 : Gera - Gyfu
SD207 : +5000 PT UP
OR201 : G-Zone Ring
OR205 : Valento Ring

List of areas:
0 - Acasia Forest
1 - Bamboo Forest
2 - Garden of Freedom
3 - Ricarten Town
4 - Refuge of the Ancients
5 - Castle of the Lost
6 - Ruinen Village
7 - Cursed Land
8 - Forgotten Land
9 - Navisko Town
10 - O a s i s
11 - Battlefield of the Ancients
12 - Forbidden Land
13 - Ancient Prison 1F
14 - Ancient Prison 2F
15 - Ancient Prison 3F
16 - Checker Room (PCRoom)
17 - Forest of Spirits
18 - Land of Dusk
19 - Valley of Tranquillity
20 - Road to the Wind
21 - Pillai Town
22 - Cursed Temple 1F
23 - Cursed Temple 2F
24 - Cave of Mushrooms
25 - Cave of Beehive
26 - Sanctuary of Darkness
27 - Railway of Chaos
28 - Heart of Perum
29 - Eura
30 - S O D Heaven Stage
31 - Gallubia Valley
32 - Tier 4 Rank Up Arena
33 - Bless Castle
34 - Greedy Lake
35 - Ice 2
36 - lost 1
37 - lost 2
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