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    Code Add limit member clan for clan Sandurr2.0

    Zahara, do you have the code to enable clan delay in Sandurr 2.0 clan script? Thank you in advance :).
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    Location of Aginig Table

    Does anyone know the location of the aging table? I have tried looking for it in the server.exe but i cannot seem to find it. So can you please help me ^^. Thank you :sonnb_nhoc2_63:
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    bug lvl 120+ crash not effect lvl up.

    Hi sonnb ^^, Yea I have the same issue. Also, I managed to extend the xp table using StrangeFaye's guide on rz, but I do not get a proper level up ingame. I did put together old post when level 120 was being attempted to get some clues, but I am getting nothing T.T. Post 1: manually adding...
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    Admin Login Only

    Dark, did you move your sql database? I know that if you restore your account db from a backup, it happens sometimes where the sql.dll does that and does not allow for connection to take place. It happened to me once, and I had to re-enter manually all 300 or so accounts x.x
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    Question about AccountDB and Setting Sod Tax

    Hi, I have one of 2 questions. One is with setting sod tax. I looked at the post and it said there that you can set with the ClanSodManager. How can you do that? I am using sql.dll and sod and bc and such is...
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    [Release] Item Distributor

    hi nguyenbason/Admin you can make it in just as the current one, but only option that is need is to add the character name as well. Your current one works very well ^^. However, in the file, it put the account id and not the characters name, and for some reason item distributor does not...
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    [Release] Item Distributor

    hmm macruz, i have tried your, but whenever i click Localizar/Locate i keep getting the error "invalid filename' though it finds Local User Archives and Local PostBox. However the item cannot be made. Under parameters, it is set to C:\PTServer\DataServer but still same error. For me...